BigCommerce Review

If you are looking for a shopping cart provider for your online business, you might want to consider looking into what BigCommerce has to offer. As one of the best shopping carts around, BigCommerce offers not just the shopping cart basics, but tons of e-commerce solutions to help you build an online enterprise. BigCommerce works by giving you complete creative control over the design of your shopping cart system and provides other great shopping cart tools and features to help you sell directly on your website as well as through social networking sites like Facebook. Use the BigCommerce tracking records to help you direct traffic to your site and keep you inventory stocked and ready for your customers. There are tons of reasons you might want to consider using the shopping cart features offered by BigCommerce. Keep reading our BigCommerce review to learn more.

BigCommerce Shopping Cart Bronze Features – 24.95/Month:

Don’t worry about being charged a setup fee when you start doing business with BigCommerce. Not only do you get access to tons of features for your shopping cart needs, but  you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get them! With the value of service from BigCommerce, you can get access to a bunch of different tools including 100 product limit with the Bronze packages as well as three staff logins, 2 GB bandwidth, 200 MB storage and free advertising credits with AdWords. If you sign up your business with the Bronze package, but start seeing more business with your online store than you expected, BigCommerce makes it easy for you to upgrade your plan to allow for more bandwidth, a higher shopping cart limit and more storage. Fortunately you can try all of this for free with the BigCommerce 15-day free trial. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up. Just give it a go and see if BigCommerce works for your online business.

Other BigCommerce Features:

BigCommerce gives merchants full control over the creative design including if you want to add in multi-level category fly out menus. With over 96 professional store designs to choose from, you will have a great looking online shop in no time! You can easily integrate this with your existing website layout as well as customize the overall look with the drag and drop layout customization tools. You can also edit HTML and CSS in your browser or through FTP. You can even change your website text using your mouse as well as edit email templates from the control panel.

Every website or online business owner knows and understands the important of having the best search engine optimization (SEO) to help make sure your website gets found quickly and easily online. Fortunately BigCommerce offers SEO tools like custom product URLs, custom category URLs, Custom web page URLs and automatic 301 redirects. Other SEO tools include SEO friendly product and category links with full access to modify HTML and CSS. There are tons more SEO tools you can use as well when you sign up for service with BigCommerce.

Email marketing and social media marketing are also great tools you should cash in on when doing business online. Fortunately BigCommerce has some of the best social networking and email marketing solutions available for your usage include CSV newsletter subscriber export, Facebook “like” options, easy social network site sharing, etc. You can even take advantage of the option to sell your products on other sites like Facebook and eBay.

With tons of payment and shipping options,  you make it easy for your customers to shop with your store. The easier it is to make a purchase, the more return customers you will see with your website. Some of these payment and shipping options include the ability to access credit cards online, support for 50+ gateways, PayPal and Google Checkout availability as well as support for a secure checkout.

One of the best parts about doing business with BigCommerce is that this company does not charge transaction fees unlike some other shopping cart companies. If you are looking to start your business or are simply looking to switch e-commerce and shopping cart providers, do yourself a favor and check out BigCommerce online to learn more about the advantages of using this company’s tools and services for your own online business. BigCommerce is known for protecting each and every transaction made through top-notch security and regular updates along with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. There are no contracts to sign when you sign up with BigCommerce. They are made to be a month-to-month service, and you can cancel at anytime. If you are interested in adding SSL certificates to your service, BigCommerce also sells these on the website. To learn more about BigCommerce and the BigCommerce features and tools, be sure to check out this top shopping cart provider online today to find out if BigCommerce is a beneficial addition to your online enterprise.

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