3dCart Review

If you are an online business owner or manager, you should be on the lookout for the best shopping cart and e-commerce tools around to help get your new store up off the ground and open for business. Fortunately 3dCart is a one-stop shop for all things e-commerce and merchant related. With 3dCart, you can get started quickly and easily meeting your shopping cart and e-commerce needs. There are no setup or transaction fees involved, so you can get started right away making money without having to share any of your hard earned profits. 3dCart is also known for having top-notch security so both you and your customers can feel confident in doing financial transactions online. There is even a 15-day free trial you can use to check out 3dCart to see if this shopping cart software solution would work for your online store. To learn more about 3dCart and to find out if it is the right fit for you and your business, keep reading our 3dCart review.

3dCart Mini Plan – $19.99/Month:

Starting out with the smallest package, the 3dCart mini plan offers users a great value for their dollar. Starting at just $19.99 per month, online merchants everywhere can take advantage of all that 3dCart has to offer. This includes shopping carts available for up to 100 products. Other features include 1 GB of HD storage, which is perfect for adding in product images as well as premium phone support that is available 24/7.The Mini plan is really only best for low traffic web pages, around 4,000 visitors. If you have a small business, this is going to be the perfect fit for you. If you plan on doing more business than that, or want to start out small and slowly upgrade, 3dCart makes it easy for users to upgrade to a bigger shopping cart plan as the need arises. Other tools include mobile/social e-commerce tools like a mobile store, Facebook store, Twitter integration and a blog  you can use to talk about your store and expand your online reaches.

3dCart Services:

While low monthly pricing might just be one of the reasons to consider doing business with 3dCart, all of the services 3dCart has to offer is another reason to make this consideration for your online business. With the smartphone mobile access, you can make sure those mobile Internet users are also able to access your online store by using the 3dCart services to create a mobile website for your store. This is a great way for online shoppers to continue to shop your website directly from their mobile phone or tablet. They will easily be able to check out products, categories, view their own cart and make purchases all within the mobile interface.

Business owners understand the importance of using social networking to help with marketing efforts online. 3dCart understands this as well, which is why this shopping cart provider offers SocialCommerce tools including adding the Facebook “like” button to your page, so when someone likes something on your page, they can click the button and link it to their own Facebook page for the rest of their friends to see. This is a great added exposure that is super easy and almost effortless to use. Having your own Facebook store simply makes this process even easier to reach more and more potential customers. You can add your online store directly to a Facebook fan page,w here users can even shop for specific items on  your Facebook store. This is a great way to cash in on types of affiliate marketing as well.

You can also add the Admin Panel Web App. This is a great application that can work to allow online business owners to access the control panel via mobile device. This is a great way to be in control of your online shop from wherever you are. You can also use the app to get a snapshot view of the daily activities on your site, access orders, customers and products as well as have the ability to update the status of an order and reply to CRM tickets. Use social bookmarking to take your SocialCommerce to the next level where you can easily share your products and promotions online to help boost your traffic to your site. Consider adding the AddThis social bookmarking tool for free. This will help your product pages gain a better following and allow your new followers to share what they find via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

To learn more about doing business with 3dCart, and to learn all about what this amazing shopping cart provider has to offer, check out the 3dCart website today to see for yourself why 3dCart is continually ranked as one of the best shopping carts around. With so many tools, e-commerce features and more, it is no wonder 3dCart continues to impress merchants and shop owners throughout the web.

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