WordPress Shopping Cart Review

WordPress is known for offering some of the best open source tools to those online web builders that choose to use the Content Management System that is WordPress along with some of the best tools like plugins, widgets and more. Fortunately there are quite a bit of online e-commerce tools when it comes to WordPress including open source shopping carts and other open source e-commerce tools and features that any web user can use when building a website or online store using the WordPress CMS platform.

WordPress Shopping Cart Review:

In this WordPress Shopping Cart review, we are putting together information on some of the best open source shopping carts that are available for WordPress CMS platforms, and for anyone looking into finding the best open source shopping cart options for their online store. There are tons of these options available that can be installed as a WordPress plugin directly into your WordPress website. Continue reading to find out your best options for open source WordPress shopping carts.

The WP e-Commerce Plugin for WordPress is one of the most popular versions of the open source shopping cart solutions that can be used for WordPress. It works as a plugin and is super sleek and easy to use. It is a fully featured shopping cart and e-commerce solution that gives you all the tools and services you need to build an online store, sell products and services as well as handle entire transactions from payment gateways to shipping and order processing.  If you are looking for a shopping cart solution for your WordPress website that is all-inclusive and takes care of all your shopping cart and store e-commerce needs, the WP e-Commerce plugin is the way to go. This awesome e-commerce tool takes the shopping cart appearance just as seriously as its other features to ensure you have a great-looking store that is sure to impress your customers.

Other open source shopping cart selections include the Quick Shop plugin for WordPress. Again, this is a plugin for WordPress so it is super easy to install within your WordPress dashboard and provide you with the tools to get your online store up and running. It works quickly and easily with sidebar access with tons of widgets installed to make the shopping process that much easier and more efficient for your customers. The user can easily purchase what they have put in their online shopping cart, remove items, change quantities, etc. right from the sidebar. It also includes the TinyMCE button, that allows them to add products to the posts/pages so you can regularly update items, feature items, etc.

Another great open source shopping cart option for WordPress is the WP Live-Shopping plugin. This is a great widget tool that you can use to display any live shopping offer that is within your WordPress blog, this is more of a beneficial tool for the shop owner to see what kind of business is going on with his or her website. You can also customize its appearance, so it will fit right in with the appearance of your online store. While this can be a helpful e-commerce tool, this is not the most comprehensive solution to fulfill your WordPress shopping cart needs if you are trying to run an online business.

Many websites all over the web are using PayPal as one of the easiest to use and most secure payment gateways. Now with the PayPal plugin for WordPress  you can also take advantage of this awesome online tool. Basically PayPal allows the shop owner to offer their customers a secure and efficient way to pay for their products while shopping online. PayPal is super helpful because most online consumers already have a PayPal account set up for transactions on other websites where they do online shopping. Once a customer already has a PayPal account set up, it is pretty easy for them to continue using that account to shop on various sites. Plus, PayPal continues to be one of the most secure online payment gateways for both the consumer and the merchant.

YAK Shopping Cart is another helpful shopping cart tool that WordPress users can easily on their website to allow customers to shop and pay for products. This open source shopping cart also works well with associating products with blog entries, which is perfect for most WordPress users and the way their website is run. The options screen allows the merchant to configure the shopping cart settings how ever they want and provides WordPress users with several management screens to properly manage the website and shopping cart utilities along with fulfilling/processing orders, order management and providing basic sales reports.

Based on the information we’ve gathered on all of these shopping cart solutions for our WordPress Shopping Cart Review, it is also important for online WordPress merchants to know there are hundreds of other options available. Based on the information we got from our review, the WP e-Commerce plugin is probably the best option to use because it is all-inclusive with tons of e-commerce tools and a complete shopping cart that also looks awesome and is easy to use. You might want to do more research on these open source shopping cart options to help you make the best decision for your online store.

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