OpenCart Review

As far as open source shopping cart options go, OpenCart is one of the easiest to use. In just a couple of steps, you are ready to begin accepting orders to your online store. Based on our research for this OpenCart review, we found OpenCart to be a prime example for a one-stop shop for access to tons of online tools and features to help get your online business up and running. Internet merchants that are looking for access to affordable e-commerce solutions for their online store can greatly benefit from giving OpenCart a try to help take care of those merchant needs including shopping carts, payment gateways.

OpenCart Shopping Cart Features:

For those looking for a user-friendly e-commerce tool, OpenCart has all of the tools you need to get started selling products and services on your online store. A few of the features include unlimited categories, unlimited products, unlimited manufacturers, the ability to accept different types of currency or offer your website/product information in multiple languages. This way you can be on your way to global commerce in no time! Other services include product reviews, so your product information can get the feedback it deserves, as well as product ratings, free documentation, automatic image resize, over 20 payment gateway options and eight+ shipping methods.

When you first sign up for your e-commerce plan with OpenCart, simply install, select your template, add your products and services to sell and get ready to begin accepting orders. Because OpenCart works with tons of different gateway options, you are more likely to appeal to the needs of your customer base. This will encourage more sales and more referrals, which means your are drawing more money to that bottom dollar.

Other OpenCart Features: 

When you choose your template for your online store, it is important to know that OpenCart provides a simple-to-use template system that is built in so you can quickly and easily switch between different templates so you can see exactly what you like and what you don’t like for the layout of your online store. You can use this handy tool to migrate the current look of your site into OpenCart as well. This is a great way to make sure you are using a template that is conducive to looking professional for the purpose of an online store.

Multi-Store Features:

With OpenCart, you can use the multi-store ability to help you manage multiple stores from a single admin interface. If you have multiple online stores and don’t have the time to continually have to login to separate admin control panels for each store, you will get a huge amount of benefit from this tool. You can change the theme for each store, according to the store type and what products you are selling. You can also make sure certain products appear on specific stores. You can also localize the store if you know where your target demographic customers are coming from according to language, tax class and currency. You can even change and update the pricing for each store as well as setup a default customer group for each store so you can have some stores that you set up for retail purposes and others set up for wholesale depending on  your products and customer base.

SEO Features:

In our OpenCart review, we also discovered that OpenCart e-commerce services work well with Search Engine Optimization. This is a great way to ensure your online business is getting top ranking in popular search engines such as Google. OpenCart is search engine optimized to allow pages to be indexed by the major search engines and also includes support for each custom product and category META tags.

Payment and Shipping:

Making sure your customers have access to the right tools they need in order successfully purchase products and service from your website is important. Fortunately OpenCart offers over 20 options including PayPal, WorldPay, PayPoint, SagePay and tons of international options so you can build your website to sustain world-wide commerce. There are also a variety of shipping methods available including UPS, United States Postal Service, Weight based shipping, Royal Mail, Per Item, free shipping, flat rate and more. This gives you and your customers the flexibility it takes to successful ensure you ship their products to them on time and in an efficient manner.

For those considering this open source shopping cart to take care of your e-commerce needs, OpenCart is a great consideration. With so many services and other e-commerce options available for free, you will be up and running with your own online store in no time. Be sure to check out OpenCart online today. Check out the free demo so you can try OpenCart for yourself to see exactly how easy it is to manage your own online store using the awesome shopping cart features and software solutions for OpenCart. Other free demonstrations are also available so you can see all of the features OpenCart has to offer. Check out OpenCart online today to learn more about how you can get started in building your own online business.

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