Google Shopping Cart Review

You can also integrate Google Checkout in with your own online store to work as a payment gateway that will allow anyone with a Google account to purchase items and services online from your website. Because it is open source this means you get access to this tool for free! Aside from a small monthly per transaction fees depending on how much business you make, you are still saving a bundle by going with the Google Shopping Cart option. Continue reading our Google Shopping Cart review for more information on yet another helpful open source tool from Google.

Google Shopping Cart Review:

There are tons of reasons to add a Google Shopping Cart, using Google Checkout to your online store. Because it is open source you are immediately saving on adding an e-commerce tool like this that could potentially cost you upwards of $50 to $100 or more each month. Finding a shopping cart solution that is easy to use and is also secure, so your customers can trust in doing business with your online store, is one of the most important parts of running your own online business. Sure, developing a great product or service to sell is probably one of the most important parts of establishing your own online business. However, if you are not able to process those transactions, orders and ship them to your customers, then you really don’t even have a business to run. That is why it is good to keep  your options open when it comes to choosing your best shopping cart solution.

There are tons of top ranked shopping carts and e-commerce tools available. If you are not interested in having shopping cart software that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to keep running, you might want to go with an open source shopping cart like Google Checkout instead. While there aren’t as many features with an open source shopping cart, unlike some of the paid shopping cart software, there are still enough awesome shopping cart features that are capable of assisting you in running a successful online business.

Google is great because they run and operate a huge variety of online tools ranging from Google email, online video chatting, search engine  assistance and so much more. Because Google has a presence just about every where on the web right now, the majority of web users also have some sort of Google account so they can log in to these huge variety of online services from any computer with Internet access. This is why Google Checkout is so universal. Anyone with a Google account can use the Google shopping cart tools to make online purchases.

You can simply add Google Checkout to your online business, and work with your customers to provide a successful, efficient and secure way to purchase their products and services from your online store.

Google Checkout Features: 

To start, all you have to do is sign  up with Google Checkout online. If you already  have a Google account,  you are already partially the way there to being able to open up your own online shop! Next, you can go through the process of integrating Google Checkout in with your website and online store. This is a great option for a payment gateway to add to other options like PayPal. That way  your customers will have several different options to check out with when they shop from y our website. This is a great way to stay secure and keep your customer’s financial and billing information safe and secure, as well as protecting  yourself. You can ensure your way against fraudulent charges when using Google Checkout because of the guaranteed payment system that Google uses with payment. This guarantee protects 98 percent of checkout orders on average especially when an order is guaranteed. This way you can still get paid for the service even if it results in a chargeback. You can also get free protection to ensure your online store is secure because Google does not charge for this service unlike many other online merchant service providers who will charge for this type of store protection. The Google Checkout fraud detection services are known to reduce fraud and manual review costs by proactively filtering out the fraudulent orders.

You can use this service to help increase your sales and profits by identifying the legitimate orders that  you might be confused to find out if there are fraudulent orders. Overall Google shopping cart services are great to use because they are known to convert 40 percent more shoppers who have not used Google checkout before. To learn more about Google Checkout, be sure and check out Google online today to see if this is a service that will work well for your online business.

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