BigCommerce vs. Volusion

Now we’d like to share that information with online merchants to help them decide which shopping cart solution is best for their online business. Keep reading to learn more about Volusion vs. BigCommerce to find the best shopping cart software for your online store.

BigCommerce vs. Volusion:

When comparing Volusion and BigCommerce, it is important for online merchants to realize that both of these shopping cart companies are able to provide most merchants with the e-commerce and shopping cart tools they need to have a successful online store. Having all you need when you are running an online business is one of the most important parts about building your online enterprise and to actually make money doing it. It is important to find a shopping cart provider that is able to accommodate the needs you have for your online store. Fortunately both Volusion and BigCommerce have the plans available to accommodate all size businesses starting out with smaller plans for those online small businesses just starting out ranging up to big business level plans. Both BigCommerce and Volusion also make it super easy to start out with a smaller plan and then upgrade your shopping cart plan as your business grows.

Volusion vs. BigCommerce Shopping Cart Features:

Now let’s take a closer look at what Volusion and BigCommerce has to offer. In an effort to provide online merchants with the most up-to-date information regarding available shopping cart providers, we are taking a look at this comparison between Volusion and BigCommerce because both of these companies are continually ranked as two of the best shopping cart solutions available. Keep reading to discover if either of these options have what it takes to build your online store and begin assisting you in making money in no time with your online business!

BigCommerce – $24.95/Month:

To start, BigCommerce does not charge a setup fee or any transaction fees, unlike many other shopping cart solutions. This is great because you pay for what you receive when you do business with BigCommerce. Other BigCommerce shopping cart features include 100 product shopping carts, 3 staff logins, 2 GB bandwidth, 200 MB of online storage and free advertising credits! You can even try out BigCommerce for free with a fully functional 15-day free trial. No credit cart required. You can actually try it out risk free to see if BigCommerce would be a good shopping cart option for your online store. BigCommerce does not charge a transaction fee like many other shopping cart providers to help online merchants cut down on the amount of extra costs they have to pay each month.

BigCommerce is known to be one of the most secure methods of shopping cart software. Having a secure shopping cart provider is important for any online business because it will increase trust in your store on behalf of your customers, and it will also prevent fraudulent orders being made to your online store. These secure features will protect both you as the merchant as well as online shoppers that choose to patronize your online shop. If you choose to go this route, you can actually use the free SSL certificate provided by BigCommerce in addition to any existing SSL certificate that you choose to purchase for your online business.

If you start out with a free trial at BigCommerce, you can easily upgrade your plan to a paid subscription if you choose to continue doing business with BigCommerce.

Volusion – $15/Month:

Like BigCommerce, Volusion also offers a variety of shopping cart accounts that are designed for various sized businesses to help those who have small businesses but need to expand and upgrade as the business grows. You can start out with Volusion for less than $20 per month along with no setup fee. You also get access to 100 shopping cart product limit, 1 GB of data transfer and no transaction fees. Again, similar to BigCommerce, Volusion strives to offer customers an affordable shopping cart plan that is not going to break the bank, but instead is going to give online merchants an option to begin opening up shop and start accepting orders right away.

You can even use many of the Volusion free templates to work on designing your own online store and shopping cart. These are super helpful in assisting users with tools to design and build a quality website that looks and functions well and is sure to impress online shoppers. You can also use the great customer support tools that are available 24/7 if you need any assistance in building your website or online store. You can also call or live chat with a customer service rep day or night. You can upgrade your plan at any time as well if you start to see your business making more and more money with increased amounts of web traffic.

Be sure and check out both BigCommerce and Volusion online today to learn more about these top ranked shopping cart solutions so you can figure out which has the best features and affordable pricing to fit your online business needs.

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